Upcoming Market Making Pro AMA

Insured Finance
2 min readApr 28, 2021

Insured Insiders to host AMA exploring Market Making Pro liquidity solution

The Insured Insider community will host an AMA with innovative liquidity solution Market Making Pro. Insured Insiders are a collection of Insured Finance token holders that have been long-term advocates of the project. Each Insured Insider holds over 10,000 INFI tokens and has maintained this allocation since the initial Insured Finance token sales.

Insured Insiders regularly secure access to the private sales of some of the most coveted cryptocurrency projects. Private sales are typically exclusive to venture capital companies specializing in early stage investment but Insured Insiders also secure allocations in some of these highly-demand projects.

Market Making Pro is the latest in a series of private sales where the Insured Insiders have secured allocations. The Insured Insiders are hosting an AMA to further explore the specifications and merits of the project.

Project Details:


Market Making Pro is a B2B liquidity solution that cryptocurrency projects can use to streamline their project liquidity. Market Making Pro allocates various technical infrastructure, like algorithms and market makers, to deepen the liquidity of the markets surrounding their supported cryptocurrency projects.

The details surrounding the Market Making Pro project will be further explored in the upcoming AMA. The AMA will take place on April 29th at 8 am UTC. It is openly available and will be coordinated within the Insured Finance Telegram group. The Telegram group can be joined through the link here.



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