Meet the Insured Insiders

How Insured Insiders Get Access to the Earliest Features of Insured Finance

Insured Insiders are a group of Insured Finance enthusiasts who will get guaranteed access to the earliest features of the Insured Finance marketplace. Insured Finance is launching a marketplace that will allow INFI token holders to secure customized insurance on their digital asset holdings.

Unique portfolios of digital assets can be insured and coverage possibilities extend to exchange holdings, stablecoin failure, and smart contract exploits. Members of the Insured Insiders will get the earliest access to this upcoming marketplace.

On top of early access to the marketplace, Insured Insiders will also get privileged access to insured private sales. Insured Insiders will be dedicated allocations in emerging insured projects that are being backed by the leading digital asset incubators VYSYN Ventures and DuckDAO. The first insured private sale is going to happen in February. Hold 10,000 INFI and be ready for the sale. More details below.

Insured Insiders will tap into all of the benefits of these insurance platforms. The earliest features of the Insured Finance platform will launch by the end of February and Insured Insiders will be the first in line to experience the next generation of digital asset insurance.

As it stands, the vast majority of digital asset holders have no coverage for their holdings. Those digital asset holders that do have coverage typically only have a fraction of their holdings insured.

Insured Insiders can quickly secure coverage for their unique digital asset portfolios and they also benefit from potential appreciation in the Insured Finance token (INFI). The need for the Insured Finance marketplace has particularly resonated with community members that acknowledge themselves as Insured Insiders.

Insured Insiders include private sale investors who have committed to holding their initial allocation of tokens. Each of these private sale investors hold over 10,000 INFI tokens and automatically become an Insured Insider provided that they have held their initial allocation. Tokens have to be held since distribution and never been traded. Everybody who trades their first token allocation can’t become an Insider anymore lifelong. Tokens exceeding 10,000 can be traded and later token allocations can be traded as well.

Those that participated in the private sale but failed to acquire 10,000 tokens can automatically become an Insured Insider by accumulating additional tokens to reach the 10,000 mark. Those that did not participate in the private sale but wish to join the Insured Insiders must acquire 10,000 INFI tokens and apply to be a member. An application form will be released soon.



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