Introducing the Insured Finance Team

Insured Finance
3 min readDec 18, 2020


Introducing the Executives Behind the Upcoming Digital Asset Insurance Marketplace

Insured Finance is building the future of digital asset insurance. The Polkadot-powered platform will fill the pressing need for an insurance marketplace where users can secure coverage for a wide range of cryptocurrency holdings.

The development and delivery of Insured Finance is being guided by an executive team that has operated at the highest levels of the financial industry. Each has held key leadership roles at prominent enterprises and has the ability to tailor digital products to market needs.

Every team member has also held roles at Hanwha Group, a multi-billion dollar Korean business conglomerate. Hanwha Group operates an extremely successful and digitized life insurance arm and the Insured Finance executive team has first-hand experience with the development of such a business.

Grace Hyeyeon Yoon, CEO

Chief Executive Officer Grace is deeply experienced in the financial industry. Her professional activities have spanned derivatives, banking, brokerage, private equity, public equities, and research. Grace has worked with several prominent firms including Third Bridge, Movit Trade, Hanwha Group (Asset Management Arm), BGC Partners, and Tradition Securities and Futures.

Grace is deeply familiar with how financial enterprises operate and is the perfect lead to ensure that Insured Finance evolves in the right direction. Her diverse background in the financial industry gives her a breadth of experience to draw upon when guiding Insured Finance. Grace will lead the overall delivery and management of Insured Finance.


Harry Kim, COO

Chief Operating Officer Harry Kim is an expert at developing sales and operating processes. Harry was an integral part of the team at both Korea Ginseng Corp and Hanwha Group’s life insurance arm. Harry dedicated almost four years to developing business processes at Hanwha Group’s life insurance arm.

In his professional activities, Harry has excelled at international sales and business development. At Insured Finance, Harry will oversee the operating processes. This will include the development of a user acquisition and sales strategy.

James K., CMO

Chief Marketing Officer James has provided digital marketing and branding guidance to leading Korean enterprises. James provided strategic marketing consulting to both Samsung and Hanwha Group’s life insurance department. James specializes in helping large-scale brands position themselves effectively in their markets.

At Insured Finance, James will guide the marketing efforts and brand strategy. James is deeply familiar with marketing for an insurance firm after leading Hanwha Group’s digital marketing strategy for their life insurance branch.



Insured Finance

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