Insured Insiders Access Melalie Private Sale

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2 min readApr 3, 2021


Insured Insiders get exposure to upcoming crypto-powered transport marketplace

The next Insured Insiders deal is here! The collection of diehard Insured Finance token holders are about to get a token allocation in the disruptive crypto-powered transport marketplace Melalie. Melalie is an upcoming marketplace which is changing the dynamics of how transport is booked in tourist hotspots and digital nomad hubs.

Typically, visitors to such locations are grossly overcharged for transport. Melalie is changing this by launching a marketplace where locals can rent their vehicles and visitors can benefit from competitive pricing and longer-term rentals.

Insured Insiders are a collection of Insured Finance token holders that maintain over 10,000 INFI tokens. This group of token holders get private sale access to some of the most promising upcoming projects. Insured Insiders have already experienced extraordinary returns after receiving allocations in keyTango, ETHBox, and Cash Tech.

Insured Insiders will receive $300 worth of Melalie tokens at the private sale price of $0.075 per token. Insured Insiders also recently received IFNFT tokens which provides privileged access to the Insured Finance NFT Vault product.

Contribution Form 300$ Allocation (min. 10,000 INFI):

Those Insured Insiders who maintained holdings of over 5,000 IFNFT tokens will receive an even greater allocation in Melalie. This group of Insured Insiders will receive $400 worth of Melalie tokens, also at the private sale price of $0.075 per token.

Contribution Form 400$ Allocation (min. 10,000 INFI + 5,000 IFNFT):

Only 10 million tokens have been allocated to the $0.075 Melalie private sale round. Insured Insiders are securing a significant slice of this allocation, highlighting the added benefits to being an avid INFI token holder. Those that wish to purchase Melalie tokens and don’t have access to the private sale round will be forced to purchase in the following rounds where the tokens will sell for a higher price.



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