Insured Finance Successfully Completes Seed Round

Insured Finance
2 min readDec 25, 2020

7 Million Tokens Allocated to Prominent VC Firms and High-Profile Influencers

The end of 2020 is approaching and the value held in digital assets has reached new echelons. With Bitcoin’s climb above $20k, the value of BTC held on exchanges surpassed $56 billion. Incumbent insurance solutions in the digital asset industry fail to provide coverage for such value.

Current coverage possibilities are confined to specific DeFi protocols on the Ethereum blockchain. Coverage against exchange hacks and stablecoin failure is beyond the boundaries of the present decentralized insurance platforms despite monstrous value being held in both.

Insured Finance is building the future of digital asset insurance which will make coverage for the above assets and more possible. Insured Finance will launch a marketplace that will allow users to make tailored insurance requests. Other users can fulfill these requests to earn a premium and secure lucrative returns on their capital.

The need for such a solution has been recognized by both cryptocurrency venture capital firms and some of the highest-profile influencers in the industry. Insured Finance recently completed its angel round where 3 million tokens were sold to renowned digital asset venture capital firms.

Following a successful angel round, Insured Finance has fully completed a seed round with participation from both venture capital firms and prominent influencers. A total of 7 million tokens were sold during the seed round.

Details on some of the influencers that participated in the round will be revealed shortly. Venture capital firms that participated include Chronos VC, CSP DAO and Delta Hub Capital.

Each of these VC firms has an impressive track record of backing successful emerging cryptocurrency projects. Insured Finance is thrilled to be the latest project backed by these renowned investors.



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