Insured Finance Preview Video Released

Insured Finance video showcases intuitive UX of the upcoming P2P marketplace

The future of digital asset insurance is rapidly approaching. The Insured Finance team has been making substantial strides in the development of its peer-to-peer (P2P) insurance marketplace.

The design templates are complete and our expert development team is coding the designs into creation. The Insured Finance dashboard, workflows, and functionality were all carefully designed to optimize user experience.

All of the key features of the Insured Finance marketplace can be easily found from the Insured Finance dashboard. Users will be able to easily navigate to their wallet holdings, insurance covers, and insurance provided.

The latest Insured Finance preview video showcases a collection of the interfaces that INFI holders will be presented with. Both the web and mobile application will be extremely intuitive, and users will be able to quickly access the marketplace by connecting their preferred Ethereum wallet.

We are extremely excited to continue pushing this application towards release. Insured Finance will not only have unmatched insurance offerings for digital asset holders but it will also provide the most user-friendly UX.



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