Insured Finance Partners With Crypto Community GAINS Associates

Blockchain-based insurance marketplace Insured Finance has formed a partnership with crypto community GAINS Associates. Through this partnership, GAINS can deliver insightful and trusted information on Insured Finance to its community members.

GAINS was created in the midst of the last market cycle and its key members are no stranger to high-potential blockchain projects. GAINS actively runs educational events on the most promising upcoming projects in the field of blockchain technology.

Insured Finance is building an insurance marketplace for digital assets that will address all of the drawbacks of incumbent insurance solutions. Current digital asset insurance solutions are mostly built on the Ethereum blockchain and only offer limited coverage possibilities.

Moreover, the fees for transacting on the Ethereum network have recently skyrocketed, making the act of securing insurance an expensive matter. Insured Finance will be built on the Polkadot blockchain and will enable marketplace participants to secure tailored insurance for their unique digital assets holdings.

The GAINS community has over 10,000 active members. These members will learn the intricacies of the Insured Finance platform and what makes it distinct from incumbent insurance offerings. From the Insured Finance side, the team can’t wait to hold discussions with GAINS community members and receive valuable feedback on the upcoming marketplace launch.

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