Insured Finance Joins Forces with DuckDAO for Public Sale

Insured Finance is building an immensely improved insurance solution for anyone who holds digital assets. With the Insured Finance marketplace, participants will be able to secure tailored coverage for diverse holdings of digital assets.

Insured Finance is partnering with the decentralized incubator DuckDAO to carry out its public sale. DuckDAO is a widely recognized incubation platform in the digital asset space that allows promising blockchain projects to raise funds in a distributed manner.

DuckDAO was established with the vision of democratizing investment in digital assets. Instead of early investment rounds being exclusive to venture capital firms, DuckDAO envisioned bringing the discounted prices of these rounds to a wider community.

Insured Finance is the latest disruptive project to partner with DuckDAO. 625,000 Insured Finance tokens (INFI) will be allocated to the public sale. The sale will be carried out as a “farmcubation”. For questions about the Farmcubation please join,

Farmcubations are a fundraising method that were recently introduced on DuckDAO. Through farmcubations, the tokens of a project like Insured Finance can be secured by staking DUCK tokens in smart contracts. For further details on the farmcubation process, see here.

Farmcubations are an innovative new way of fundraising. This method will ensure that Insured Finance public sale tokens are distributed in an egalitarian way.

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