Insured Finance Featured in Major Media

Insured Finance featured in major news publications after prototype launch

Shortly after releasing an interactive prototype, Insured Finance has been featured in Bloomberg, Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, and Yahoo Money. These major media publications shared the news of the prototype release.

On April 27th, Insured Finance announced the launch of a prototype for their upcoming two-sided digital asset insurance marketplace. The prototype allows prospective users to experience the layout and UX of the marketplace application.

Insured Finance is heavily focused on launching an application with an intuitive and frictionless user experience. The prototype reveals the design of the application dashboard and allows users to navigate to the interfaces for the main features such as providing and securing coverage. The prototype can be tested through the link here.

Shortly after announcing the prototype launch, the mentioned media outlets began sharing the news of the launch. Their coverage brings the Insured Finance solution to a new audience and will help onboard a new wave of potential users into the Insured Finance community.