Insured Finance Early Success Stories

Reviewing the Early Successes of the Upcoming Insurance Marketplace

It’s been an action-packed two months for Insured Finance. Fundraising rounds were quickly sold out, phenomenal community growth has been achieved, and the native INFI token reached a whopping 35x multiple of the private sale price.

The huge success Insured Finance has experienced would not have been possible without the vision and foresight of those who participated in the fundraising rounds. Participants in the sales of INFI were recently rewarded as the token price reached a local peak of $2.80, 35x the private sale price and 18.6x the public sale price.

Insured Finance kicked off fundraising with an angel round, seed round, and private sale which all quickly sold out. Key strategic partners participated in these sales and these participants contributed both their capital and expertise to the future success of Insured Finance. Renowned VC firms including VYSYN Ventures, Moonrock Capital, and Vendetta Capital were allocated tokens in these early rounds.

As Insured Finance progressed towards a token listing, several influencers became intrigued with the prospects of the project. Several of these influencers were onboarded as key brand ambassadors. Ivan on Tech, tehMoonWalkeR, DeFiRacoons, Dread Bongo, Cyber Eye, Crypto Universe, SpykeFast, SkyVentures and Crypto Daku all formed strategic partnerships with Insured Finance. Each of these influencers has relentlessly promoted Insured Finance and broadcasted the features of the insurance solution to their audience.

Influencers are not the only advocates of Insured Finance. A group of token holders called Insured Insiders have recognized the disruptive potential of Insured Finance and have accumulated large token positions as a result. Insured Insiders consist of private sale and public sale participants who have over 10k in INFI holdings. These token holders have chosen not to sell their tokens despite bullish market conditions. Each Insured Insider recognizes the long-term potential of Insured Finance.

Insured Insiders are also exposed to benefits which extend beyond the upside price potential of INFI. Insured Insiders recently participated in a lottery that distributed whitelist spots in keyTango tokens. keyTango is an emerging DeFi project that is being incubated on DuckDAO. DuckDAO is the decentralized incubator which hosted the Insured Finance public sale. DuckDAO is committed to democratizing access to the sales of blockchain projects and acted as a strategic partner to Insured Finance by carrying out their public sale. DuckDAO is open to further initiatives with Insured Finance and organized the keyTango lottery as a means to reward the strongest supporters of Insured Finance.

Since completing the public and private sales, Insured Finance has advanced to list the INFI token on a liquid marketplace. INFI was paired with Ethereum on Uniswap, the most active DEX by trading volume. Since listing, hundreds of thousands in USD volume has been traded in the INFI market each day. The success of Insured Finance has been further propelled by extraordinary community growth. Waves of enthusiasts have opted to receive updates through Twitter, Telegram, and email. As Insured Finance progresses towards its product launch, we anticipate the community following to continue its strong growth.

New roads to adoption have also been paved. Insured Finance recently partnered with crypto trading terminal Zenfuse. Users of Zenfuse will be able to secure insurance easily and quickly through their trading terminal. This will be the first of many partnerships with products that already have substantial user bases. Insured Finance allows such products to integrate insurance solutions with their products and enables their users to protect their downside risk.

As Insured Finance continues to evolve, many more success stories will unfold. In the early phases of the product, both investors and the community have demonstrated an urgent demand for the Insured Finance marketplace. This demand was shown through strong community growth, fully subscribed token sales, and strong demand after the Uniswap market listing. The Insured Finance team will continue to work relentlessly on delivering the best insurance solution for digital asset holders. With that ambition in mind, we expect many more achievements in the coming months.



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Insured Finance

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