Insured Finance Dashboard Unveiled!

Insured Finance
2 min readMar 3, 2021


Insured Finance presents its intuitive user interface

Insured Finance will be the one-stop solution for digital asset holders searching for coverage on their holdings. While several blockchain projects currently offer insurance solutions, their coverage is extremely restricted and fails to account for the diverse risks that digital asset holders are exposed to.

Insured Finance addresses this problem by allowing users to secure customized insurance in a P2P marketplace. Not only that but the platform is also designed from the ground-up with user experience in mind.

As we quickly approach launch, we’re excited to share some screenshots of the dashboard users will be presented with. The Insured Finance dashboard easily lays out all of the main functions that users may wish to navigate through.

The primary features of securing coverage, providing coverage, and exchanging tokens are all prominently displayed on the top of the dashboard. Additional features, like staking and claims assessment, appear on a left-hand menu that is easily accessible to users.

Insured Finance users that provide coverage can easily view much liquidity has been locked in various insurance contracts. They can further view how much annual percentage yield (APY) will be earned on insurance contracts along with the amount of staked versus unstaked liquidity.

Users that have secured coverage also have all of the key insurance information at their disposal. They can view the insurance type (exchange, smart contract, rug pull etc.) along with the value covered and the period of the insurance agreement.

Users that wish to make claims can easily do so through the “claim” button. Given that clearly discernible events represent the majority of insurance contracts on Insured Finance, payouts are executed instantly in most cases.

Insured Finance is the next-generation of digital asset insurance technology. Insured Finance not only extends digital asset insurance possibilities to a broader variety of assets and scenarios, but we also focus on making the navigational experience extremely user friendly.



Insured Finance

A decentralized P2P insurance marketplace with easy claims and instant payouts. Powered by Polkadot.

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