Insured Finance and Vendetta Capital Partner to Launch Turkish Campaign

Insured Finance
2 min readJan 11, 2021

Renowned digital asset investment firm Vendetta Capital will strategically assist Insured Finance with their marketing efforts and entry into the Turkish market. Vendetta Capital is deeply experienced with the Turkish market and has provided invaluable services to several emerging digital asset projects.

Burgeoning blockchain projects like Polkastarter, Exeedme and WOO have all been assisted by Vendetta Capital in this field. With over 80 million Turkish speakers worldwide, this immense market cannot be ignored.

Insured Finance is building the future of digital asset insurance and the team is eager to expand awareness of the project to the widest possible audience. With restricted offerings from the current digital asset insurance solutions, Insured Finance knows it can provide value to a wide number of crypto enthusiasts.

Through their partnership, Vendetta Capital will help Insured Finance position their brand in the Turkish market. Vendetta Capital will operate a Telegram channel where any Turkish speaker can find relevant and insightful information on the Insured Finance project.

News developments relating to Insured Finance will be translated into Turkish and published on the major crypto news outlets. Through the partnership, Insured Finance anticipates that awareness of the project will significantly rise and that a spike will be observed in the number of users being onboarded.

Turkish Telegram:

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