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Nov 12, 2021

5 min read

Hackers Zero-in on DeFi Projects

The Intelligent Insurer #41 — Industry is most hacked in 2021

Insured Finance development update

  • We completed a major update that ensures complete smart contract security. Proxy Patterns will help us release patches and updates to our smart contracts while preserving their immutability.
  • We have also introduced a Pausable Mechanism that allows us to disable certain smart contract functionality in case of an emergency. Both of these upgrades will help us combat malicious attacks and secure our users’ data and assets on our platform.
  • We updated our API to CoinGecko to stream asset prices and continued to fix minor bugs.

Hackers have stolen $1.4 billion from DeFi projects

Exponential DeFi adoption creates security vulnerabilities

DeFi users need digital asset insurance

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