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Jan 14

4 min read

Frosties NFT Team Vanishes in $1.3 Million Rug Pull

The Intelligent Insurer #49 — First rug pull of 2022 leave investors in a hole

Insured Finance software development update

  • We improved our landing page functionality by addressing concerns around Token Requests. The “Add Etherscan” and “Add Token” action buttons are now fully functional.
  • In preparation for the year ahead, we continue to flesh out points in our roadmap. We’re currently discussing and revalidating relevant points in our roadmap to ensure user experience and goals are met.
  • We’re looking for your feedback! User research is a central pillar of everything we do at Insured Finance. As a part of this, we’re seeking feedback from our community and seeking people willing to participate in interviews. The feedback we receive from these interviews will be directly incorporated in our platform. We recently carried out our first interview and received exemplary feedback from a user based in Scotland. The user noted that the P2P system is “excellent and powerful” and that Insured Finance offers him an effective way to protect his digital assets. We will be lining up more interviews with community members. Get in touch with us today to schedule an interview!

Frosties promised investors much before rug pull

Community scrambles to save project

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