Exclusive $20k Deal for Insured Insiders

The next 100x by DuckDao? $20k in ethbox by DuckDao allocations will be distributed among 30 lottery winners.

$20,000 in allocations will soon be distributed to Insured Insiders. This is the first of several exclusive deals that are only available for Insured Insiders, a group of Insured Finance token holders that have over 10,000 INFI tokens.

Insured Insiders are lined up to benefit from several exclusive deals that will give them exposure to the most promising blockchain projects that are launching in bullish market conditions. The first deal will distribute $20k rewards in ethbox tokens equally among 30 lottery winners. Only Insured Insiders can secure space in the lottery.

ethbox is a highly anticipated emerging project that provides privacy for DeFi and smart contract escrow services to remove the risk of sending funds to incorrect addresses. The project will be launched through the DuckDAO launchpad and is lined up to go through the DuckDAO farmcubation process. DuckDAO is an incubation platform that only supports the highest-potential upcoming projects. ethbox will likely be the latest of many projects to record a 100x price appreciation on the DuckDAO platform. Several other DuckDao incubations did more than 100x.

Participating in the lottery is as simple as filling this form and being an Insured Insider. You can learn more about the Insured Insiders through this link. As mentioned, this is the first of many deals which will be exclusive to Insured Insiders. The next deal is already lined up and will be announced next Monday.



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