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Nov 26, 2021

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Cryptomixer Become Prevalent in Security Breaches

The Intelligent Insurer #42 — Hackers use privacy tools to compromise DeFi investors

Insured Finance software development update

  • We closed our Alpha release testing with our user base and are in the process of collecting and summarizing feedback. The development team is poised to process this feedback and transform them into platform improvements.
  • We expanded the number of stablecoins that are supported on our platform.
  • We continued testing our new landing page and token faucet and are conducting deep reviews of the same.
  • Our broad goals for 2022 and 2023 are to achieve product to market fit and increase the number of $INFI token holders.
  • To this end, we’ve targeted the end of Q4 2021 for our Beta release that includes major security and functionality updates.
  • Q1 2022 will be devoted to in-depth research of further functionality in blockchain gaming and NFTs.
  • In Q2 2022, we expect to prioritize initiatives that will increase the number of $INFI token holders.
  • We are also targeting this time period for the Mainnet release of the Insured Finance P2P Marketplace and Token Bridge.

Cryptomixers turn privacy against investors

Is cryptomixing hampering DeFi adoption?

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