Insured Finance video showcases intuitive UX of the upcoming P2P marketplace

The future of digital asset insurance is rapidly approaching. The Insured Finance team has been making substantial strides in the development of its peer-to-peer (P2P) insurance marketplace.

The design templates are complete and our expert development team is coding the designs into creation. The Insured Finance dashboard, workflows, and functionality were all carefully designed to optimize user experience.

All of the key features of the Insured Finance marketplace can be easily found from the Insured Finance dashboard. Users will be able to easily navigate to their wallet holdings, insurance covers, and insurance provided.

The latest Insured Finance preview video showcases…

The Intelligent Insurer #13 — DeFi developments and how to protect against unnecessary risk

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) continues to grow, setting new record highs for the Total Value Locked (TVL) in DeFi protocols. DeFi assets are quickly rising to rank among the top echelon of crypto assets in terms of market capitalization.

Growth for the majority of the largest DeFi protocols has experienced a bout of stagnation in recent trading. However, an extraordinary appreciation in few outperforming DeFi assets has outsized this stagnation and resulted in significant growth for DeFi overall.

In the latest release of the Intelligent Insurer, we detail some of the major events in the DeFi sector that have led to…

Insured Insiders get exposure to upcoming crypto-powered transport marketplace

The next Insured Insiders deal is here! The collection of diehard Insured Finance token holders are about to get a token allocation in the disruptive crypto-powered transport marketplace Melalie. Melalie is an upcoming marketplace which is changing the dynamics of how transport is booked in tourist hotspots and digital nomad hubs.

Typically, visitors to such locations are grossly overcharged for transport. Melalie is changing this by launching a marketplace where locals can rent their vehicles and visitors can benefit from competitive pricing and longer-term rentals.

Insured Insiders are a collection of Insured Finance token holders that maintain over 10,000 INFI…

The comprehensive Insured Finance solution will be integrated within the Orion Protocol — Strategic Partnership

Orion Protocol is a cutting-edge trading terminal that allows crypto assets traders to manage their portfolio from a single interface. Cryptocurrency traders may have their assets spread across a myriad of exchanges. The Orion Protocol enables them to access everything from one terminal by aggregating the order books of CEXs, DEXs, and swap pools.

However, the Orion Protocol is not stopping there! Orion Protocol users will be able to secure insurance for their unique crypto holdings directly from the trading terminal.

The Insured Finance digital asset insurance solution will be integrated with the terminal. …

We review the token allocation returns to a group of Insured Finance token holders

Insured Insiders have already received allocations in some of the most exciting blockchain projects of 2021. Not only does this give Insured Insiders a guaranteed piece of highly-demanded projects but it also has resulted in extraordinary returns for this group of token holders.

Insured Insiders are a group of Insured Finance token holders that have accumulated over 10,000 INFI tokens and continue to hold these tokens. This collective of INFI token holders have realized the enormous potential of the Insured Finance project and are among the strongest advocates of the upcoming insurance marketplace.

Insured Insiders regularly receive token allocations in…

The Intelligent Insurer #12

The cryptocurrency market is dominated by young people whose attitude towards investment is totally different from older generations. Since the cryptocurrency market and digital economy are not as regulated as other traditional markets, the risk exposure is understandably higher.

The majority of young investors choose to navigate these markets without adequate protection for their digital assets. This is one of the main reasons why losses are so high among cryptocurrency investors.

In this release of the Intelligent Insurer, we highlight the prevalence of younger generations in the industry. …

Insured Finance UX / UI pre-view released, highlighting key features and intuitive user experience

Insured Finance is fully committed to launching both the most comprehensive and intuitive insurance solution in the digital asset space. To achieve this, we have meticulously considered how the UX must be designed.

We are thrilled to share some of the results of this careful design process. These preview snaps demonstrate how Insured Finance will easily become the most intuitive and intelligent insurance solution for digital assets holders.

The Intelligent Insurer #11 — What accredited investors are planning to do with DeFi in 2021.

With significant appreciation in the Bitcoin market, mainstream investors are starting to turn to decentralized finance (DeFi) projects. Moves like these do not come as a surprise, considering the issues that many DeFi projects are addressing. Moreover, the returns in the Bitcoin market are increasing the risk appetite of investors and turning them to more uncertain ventures.

In this latest version of Intelligent Insurer, we will highlight the disposition of investors towards DeFi projects, and how to avoid slippery slopes while making investment decisions. Apart from the well-known risks that are associated with the digital assets ecosystem, the nascency of…

Disruptive marketplace technology NFT Tech will be the latest allocation awarded to Insured Insiders

The next major Insured Insiders deal is here! Insured Insiders will get a private sale allocation in the most exciting NFT project of 2021! NFT Tech is launching a matching engine solution that can be adopted across the fragmented NFT marketplace.

As it stands, the NFT market is disconnected and extremely illiquid. Bid-order books, market makers, and liquidity incentives are unknown to the nascent market. NFT Tech is changing this by introducing a carefully developed matching engine that strongly incentives market makers to provide capital and liquidity to the NFT markets.

This matching engine can be adopted by any NFT…

Insured Finance is expanding — joining the next-generation of digital asset insurance

Join the team that is building the future of digital asset insurance. The Polkadot-powered P2P insurance marketplace is hiring a co-CMO to lead marketing efforts in the Western market.

A community of Insured Finance supporters and advocates has been quickly growing. As a result, we require a full-time CMO to manage and further grow our marketing presence in the Western market.

Deep experience and knowledge in the cryptocurrency industry is required and candidates must demonstrate a strong expertise in marketing. …

Insured Finance

A decentralized P2P insurance marketplace with easy claims and instant payouts. Powered by Polkadot.

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